Summer Adventures

Rocky Mountains – Abraham Lake, AB

There is a canyon for everybody!

Whether you want to go for an adventurous hike, a swim, or a full vertical adventure, canyons are the go to places for outstanding exploration!

Please feel free to contact us by email or over the phone for any special requests, events, and training purposes.

Heli-Canyoning: The ultimate adventure in the Rockies

We are proud to present the first-ever heli-canyoning tour in Canada. In one day you will be dropped on a ridge by heli, get to enjoy spectacular views, experience pure alpine canyoning, and rappel down some of the most inaccessible waterfalls of the area. Scroll down to book your once in a  lifetime trip with us!

Bookings are open starting May 22nd for our Explore the Canyon and Adrenaline Canyoning tours. We are guiding in McKenzie Canyon in spring. No Jumps or slides but a lot of fun rappels with stunning scenic views!

Keep your eye on our social media pages for news of fresh openings for booking into the full season!

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