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WCA - Rocky Mountains - Abraham Lake, AB

We are currently for guides for next season! 

If you are already a Canyoning guide please send us your resume and we will contact you as soon as we can. If you are not a guide but think this is a job for you we can already start to prepare you for that, sooner the better!

WCA Contact information


Phone: +1 587 838 5336


1309 Stoney lane Golden

Golden, BC

V0A 1H3

(This is only our mailing address, we meet at David Thompson Resort)

What qualities are we looking for: 

Skills are one thing, but the most important for us is your patience, self-motivation to always learn, and your aptitudes in reading people. 

Send us your resume and details about your experience outdoor, any related skills (rock climbing, other swift water sports, caving, rope access, etc.), recreational and guiding. Tell us in a short description why you want to become a canyoning guide.

Email is best! We will set up a meeting to chat more…

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