About WCA

Rocky Mountains - Abraham Lake, AB

History of WCA

The Western Canyoning Adventure Company was born from the inspiration of passionate canyoners who want to share their love for this sport.

Guillaume Coupier, the owner of WCA, arrived in the Canadian Rockies in 2015 while on long-term travel and fell immediately in love with this magic playground. Coming from France, where Canyoning is almost as popular as Rafting, he was surprised to not see more of this sport out here. He met Joe Storm the owner of Rocky Mountain Canyoning in Jasper and learned that Canyoning was only at its very beginning in Canada and that only a handful of Mountainers and Cavers had explored canyons for the past few decades.

After getting his full pro guide certifications and gaining experience working for RMC, Guillaume started to develop his own company while still guiding and working in collaboration with Joe Storm and other local canyoners to develop new canyons and potential commercial trips.

John Paul Kors, retired visitor safety for Parks Canada, has been one of the other main actors in the development of Western Canyoning Adventure and a mentor for Guillaume Coupier.

Today the pioneers of canyoning in the Rockies and the new generation are getting together to offer you exceptional trips that you will remember for a long time. We are proud to be the first to offer Heli-Canyoning and a full-on swimming trips in Canada in collaboration with RMC!

Delivering a new experience for Canadian

Coming on a trip with us is the guaranty to do something you never did before or would have even expected to do one day! This is the most common feedback we get from our clients: ”I didn’t really know what to expect but this is like nothing else I did before!”.

Offering a new kind of activity pushes us to deliver a high-quality product and to be focused on safety at any time.

We offer trips where everything is included and that fits the public from families to extreme outdoor people. Our guides are here to make sure you are at the right level of canyons and not try to push you on hard terrain. They will take the time needed to make you comfortable and travel safely through this new environment while having lots of fun and learning about it.

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Coming on a trip with us is the guarantee that you will do something you’ve never done before or would have ever expected to do!