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We have selected the best Canyons in the Rockies and the Okanagan for you. 

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What is Canyoning?

Canyoning is the exploration of deep and narrow gorges often involving hiking, downclimbing, sliding down natural features, rappelling down waterfalls, and even jumping and swimming into natural pools.

It can be a short and easy activity as well as a challenging sport requiring multiple skills.

From families to adrenaline junkies we’ve got trips for everybody!

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People talk

I went canyoning with Guillaume and it was an amazing adventure that I highly recommend. Guillaume was fun, calm and professional. He really made us feel safe at all time. The canyon was breathtaking, it's the perfect adventure for nature lover!!
I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I signed up for my first ever canyoning trip (...) The tour was an absolute blast and unlike any adventure I've ever been on. I'm still smiling today just thinking about it and would recommend this unique experience to everyone!
(...) I strongly recommend going for a fun (half) day trip especially with the hot summer days coming ahead, and to escape the crowds from near-by touristy sites. It would also be a great activity on a rainy day since you're in the water and wearing a neoprene suit; (....)
''Here are three of the many moods you'll experience in the canyon. From fear to joy to full badassery and confident elation. Confined natural rollercoasters of both the physical and emotional varieties.''

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