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WCA - Rocky Mountains - Abraham Lake, AB

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Rockies Heli Canada

We are proud to partner up with Rockies heli Canada to offer the first-ever heli-canyoning trips in Canada. More than offering lifetime sightseeing flights, they are also offering a wide range of activities accessible only by Heli! Check out their website to book a tour!



Rocky Mountain Canyoning

It is a friendship and a business partnership we share with Rocky Mountain Canyoning. They are based in Jasper and we collaborate with them for our Heli-Canyoning and Swiming trips. If you liked the canyons in the Abraham Lake area, you should go check out the ones in Jasper.



West Coast Canyoning Adventures

Another canyoning tour operation we collaborate with for different projects. They guide trips on the West Coast and have fabulous canyons to make you discover. This is a totally different world if you had a first experience in the Rockies!


Canyoning Quebec


With over 20 years of experience, our friends from the Eastern part of the country are certainly some of the pioneers in terms of commercial Canyoning guided trips in Canada! We have certainly lots to learn from them and hope to create a Nationwide Canyoning community with their help.


Kyle Singbeil Photography

This talented and adventurous photographer has been with us since the beginning of this venture. Visit his website for unique photos that will remind you of your time in the Rockies, or book a tour with him and get professional shots of your adventure!

Jodi Toews Design

She was one of the first to come on tour with us and to give us the support we needed to start this venture.
She designed our logo and much more!
Visit her website to see what she can do for you!


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