The Team

WCA – Rocky Mountains – Abraham Lake, AB

The guides

Guillaume Coupier

Coming from France where Canyoning is already quite popular, he fell in love with this beautiful playground that is the Canadian Rockies. He is the founder and director of WCA.
He is ACA and CGI pro guide, Rescue Canada Swift water technician level 3, advanced first aider and rope access technician.

John-Paul Kors

He has been invested in this venture since the beginning and allowed this company to exist by being a mentor for the owner.
He is Rescue Canada Swiftwater Instructor, ACA Pro Guide, advanced First Aider, retired Mountain Rescue Technician (25 years), and retired Avalanche Forecaster (15 years).

Gerald Kors

Even if he has been helping the company to grow since the very beginning, he is the last official addition to the team for the season 2021. Kors Junior is the worthy heir of his father, he started to swim, climb, and canyon at the youngest age you could. You should not be mistaken by his age as many older guides have lots to learn from this young man!
He is Swift water rescue technician level 4, advanced first aider, and in the process of getting his Canyoning guide certification for spring 2021.

Other team members

Kyle Singbeil

He started coming on trips to shoot in the canyons in 2018 and became our official photographer. You can book a trip with him in order to get professional shots of your adventure. He is currently working on his skills to become an assistant guide for the 2021 season.

Devin Baldwin

Freshly graduated from Business school he offered us his help and took over the social media pages of WCA. We hope to make him a new Canyoning addict!